The best way to play Powerball from Europe!

Which has better odds Powerball or Eurojackpot?


Today, 16 countries across Europe participate in the spectacular EuroJackpot lottery. Foremost among them is Germany. Until recently, the only players allowed to participate in this lottery were those from the original list of 16 countries. Fortunately, anyone around the world can now play the EuroJackpot lottery game online. Simply buy your tickets right here, pick your favorite numbers, and wait for the draw. It’s easier than ever to play this lottery game from your smartphone, tablet or phablet. It’s possible to scoop up a multimillion euro jackpot prize without leaving the comforts of home.

The Powerball and the EuroMillions are popular lottery games, but most people find it tough to win prizes in these lotteries. Fortunately, the EuroJackpot offers much better odds. Players from Barcelona to Berlin are signing up to get their tickets to the action. You may enjoy the adrenaline-loaded entertainment of playing the Powerball and the EuroMillions, but once you sign up to buy your tickets to the EuroJackpot, you’ll never look back. For starters, there are much better odds of winning prizes. Sure, the Powerball is huge, but you are twice as likely to win playing the EuroJackpot than you are with other lottery games like the EuroMillions. Don’t delay get your tickets to the EuroJackpot today. People have been snapping up Powerball tickets around the country in hopes of winning the second-biggest jackpot of all time: $700 million. But the odds of winning Wednesday night's drawing are remote about one in 292 million. Until a rule change in 2015, the odds were more favorable at one in 175 million.

It couldn’t be quicker to pick numbers in the Eurojackpot. Simply choose 5 regular numbers and add 2 special numbers to your ticket. Remember, there are 12 tiers of prizes; that’s 12 ways to win in this popular European lottery game. Winning the jackpot in this fabulous lottery are 1:95,344,200, but there are a dozen prize tiers which make it really easy for you to win some cash. The odds of winning the smallest prize on offer are 1:35 that’s twice as good as your odds of winning the smallest prize in the Powerball. It’s one of the world’s biggest lottery games, and you can play it right here online. The EuroJackpot is packed with unbelievable jackpots, and you have multiple ways to strike it rich. This lottery game features multiple tiers of prizes, starting with 2 numbers + 1 EuroNumber and rising all the way to the tier 1 prize where you match 5 numbers + 2 EuroNumbers for the grand prize. This exciting lottery game features prizes at multiple levels, with payouts that are routinely higher than the world’s leading lottery games.


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