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What are the Powerball Lucky numbers?


The Powerball jackpot on 23.08.2017 (in Europe on 24.08.2017) was again more than $700 million,the second biggest of the lottery’s biggest jackpots ever. The remaining 21 drawings have didn't produce a person who drew all six of the winning numbers. The ultra-modern drawing on Saturday pulled the numbers 17, 19, 39, 43, 68 and a Powerball of 13. Some of these numbers 19, 39 and the Powerball of 13 are included in some of the most commonplace triumphing numbers for the lottery.

However, the top 5 major draw lucky numbers for the Powerball lottery are 26, 16, forty one, 22, and 32 according to The wide variety 26 has been pulled 275 instances, with its maximum latest appearance on Aug. 12. As for Powerball numbers, 6, 20, 9 and 12 are the maximum commonplace. The number 6 has been drawn 81 times and become ultimate pulled on May 31.

Of course, the chance you get the triumphing set of numbers is a gloomy one in 292 million but someone finally has to win the jackpot, right? If someone does win on Wednesday night they may get a total of $443.3 million cash value, which they can select to get hold of in a lump sum or annuity alternative, where the winning can be paid over 29 years.

--last update: 25.08.2017

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