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Sole winner of the 245.6 million Dollars Powerball Jackpot


42-year-old Mr. Mangal has signed so much that they will receive the 216 Million € ($245.6 million) jackpot of the prevailing prize from the Powerball draw of August 11, 2018.


Mangal explained that he buys his lottery tickets while the jackpots reach a hundred million dollars.  "I was shopping and knew the Powerball jackpot was big," he said. "I've found that this is a good time to buy my tickets."


Mangal offered a €5.20 (6 USD) quick ticket for the night's draw and left it on his kitchen table.


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"The price tag was on my kitchen table for a week because I wasn't in town.  I checked the website when I was given back and I am surprised to win the jackpot!


The new multimillionaire in the lottery claimed his prize in the form of a foundation. On behalf of the sea & Sand believe, he has decided to purchase his Powerball prize as a one-time lump sum of €87,353,180 (more than $90 million) after any deductions required.


While asking what it looks like to be a new multimillionaire within the lottery, Mangal said, "Surprising!  Right now, I'm just making plans to relax and see how it goes."


Mangal said that he plans to use part of his winnings for travel.  "I usually wanted to go to Hawaii.


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