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Powerball: How do I redeem prizes?



How do I redeem prizes?

Powerball is one of the most popular lotteries worldwide and is notorious for its gigantic jackpots. However, as a German player you might ask yourself regarding Powerball: "How do I redeem winnings?" With winnings of over 1.6 billion US dollars, the US lottery is the record holder in terms of mega jackpots. Thanks to verified online providers, participation is no longer limited to players living in America, but can be played from anywhere in the world - including Germany.

The answer is as simple as it is brilliant. Logically, you cannot necessarily collect winnings that you have won in the Powerball lottery directly and physically in the United States. Therefore, our website offers a great opportunity to purchase your lottery ticket online and have the resulting winnings transferred directly and easily to your player account. This is made possible by our cooperation with the licensed online provider LottoStar24. Thanks to the highest security standards and intuitive usability, you can play the lottery comfortably and carefree - whether from your smartphone or computer.

Verification of the players´data

The only requirement for a successful payout of winnings is the verification of the data given in the player account. Verification is a simple process in which the provider can ensure that you have created this profile yourself and that nobody is using your data for their own purposes. Thus money laundering and illegal use of foreign data can be excluded. During the verification process you simply send the front and back of an official identification document by email to LottoStar24. This way you can use either your identity card, your driver's license or your passport for the verification of your player account. An employee will check the authenticity of the ID and compare it with the data given in the player profile. If all the data is correct you will receive a confirmation message and there is nothing to prevent you from successfully participating in Powerball.

The payout of the winning sum

The payout usually takes only one to a few working days. The amount won will be transferred to the player's account and can be used by the player from there in parts or as a whole either for new game tickets or paid out to his own bank account. Once you have won a prize after participating in a lottery, you will automatically receive a prize notification by SMS or e-mail. 



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