The best way to play Powerball from Europe!

MegaMillions and Powerball have a combined jackpot of over $1.2 billion!


Imagine the jackpot going to yourself!

The jackpots go up and up. Even in the last draw no winner could be determined. Now there are already more than 970 million US dollars in the pot - when will it be cracked and who will be the lucky winner? Whoever it will be can look forward to a record win.

The principle of the American lotteries is simple, but differs in one point from European variants. People can buy a ticket and mark the numbers with a cross. At a fixed time, numbers are drawn from a lottery drum in an official draw and whoever has typed these numbers correctly wins the jackpot. If the jackpot is not won, it rises and a short time later another lottery takes place. So much for the basic principle. The decisive difference to other lotteries, however, is that the jackpots are not capped at a maximum. This means that if the jackpot is not hit, it will continue to rise until one of the numbers is correctly typed. This is the reason why the jackpots of Powerball and MegaMillions are so high again at the moment.

The last winners were a few months ago. These included a group of 11 employees from one factory. It's also a very popular way to play lotteries. People join together to form a lottery syndicate in order to pay less for the tickets but to be able to give more tips overall. In the event of a win, this is then distributed among all group members.

In fact, the billions to be won from both lotteries is not a record. The biggest prize in history was won at Powerball in 2016. It was a fabulous sum of 1.6 billion US dollars.


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