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Lotto USA: Jackpot of 636 million dollars cracked


The second highest lottery jackpot in Mega Millions history has been cracked - lucky mushrooms in the USA can look forward to a gigantic money blessing.

The tension has come to an end, the winning numbers in the US lottery "MegaMillions" have been drawn and: the jackpot has been won. For the $636 million lottery jackpot, there are two tickets purchased in California and Georgia, with the correct winning numbers drawn on Tuesday evening. The six winning numbers were 8, 14, 17, 20, 39, the extra number was 7.

Twenty more Mega Millions players just missed the giant jackpot, only the extra number was missing for 20 players to win a million times. Nevertheless, this player can be happy, everyone in the second prize class receives a million dollars paid out.

The 636 million jackpot is the second largest pot in MegaMillions and US history ever cracked. The record jackpot was cleared in March 2012, when three players shared a super jackpot of $656 million on MegaMillions.

The jackpot of around 636 million dollars (almost 462 million euros) had caused a huge run on the tickets at the ticket offices shortly before the draw. If no lottery player had guessed the right numbers, the jackpot for the next draw next Friday would have grown to a world record jackpot of almost one billion dollars, about 950 million dollars.

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