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Incredible $420.9 million winner


First came the profit, then the idea of the name. The Powerball draw on 26.11.2016 made a union of 20 workers into multimillionaires in one fell swoop. They share a total jackpot of over 420 million US dollars. Instead of the three musketeers, they simply called themselves "Tennessee 20".

Also wenn´sich the initial euphoria slowly puts something back, so it is nevertheless an incomprehensible feeling. "We played it all the time for fun, but never expected to win." - So the speaker of the group Amy O'Neal let it be known.

All group members, even though they come from 13 different cities, worked together in sales or quality control at "North American Stamping" in Portland, a company responsible for the production of car parts. 

They purchased their "golden ticket" at the Smokeshop on Scottville Road. The owner of the kiosk, Joyce Gregory, received a sales bonus of 25,000 dollars.

"What a great day for Tennessee," said Rebecca Hargrove, president and CEO of the Tennessee Education Lottery. "We couldn't be happier for this wonderful group of friends. The enthusiasm for such experiences is an important part of our success in raising funds for educational programs in Tennessee."

Rebecca Hagrove, Chairwoman of the Tennessee Education Lottery stressed: 
"What a great day for Tennessee. The enthusiasm for such experiences on the part of people is an important part of our success in raising funds for educational programs in Tennessee.

There are many plans for the future. From a holiday in Italy to financing the children's study places, everything is there. One thing everyone agreed on, however, was to help others.

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