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First Powerball winner in 2017


The First Powerball Jackpot of 2017 goes out to a Purdue graduate. He has managed to claim the seventh largest jackpot in Powerball history.
The check for the handsome sum of over 435 million would be handed over by Managing Director Sarah Taylor to a spokesperson for the graduate.

The winner himself insisted on remaining anonymous in order to protect his privacy and therefore hired a lawyer to set up a limited liability company to receive the prize money.
The only clue his lawyer Jennifer Dzwonar shared with the public is that he works at Lafayette.

What happened to the winner immediately after the information that he had typed all the numbers correctly seems amusing. At first he wanted to tell his brother about the unbelievable success, but couldn't reach it at all. When he called his father, he literally went: "I thought you were calling to say that you won the lottery" to his mobile phone. Then the winner replied, "Maybe I did that!
The Powerball lottery offers the possibility to have the prize paid out as a one-off payment or as an "additional pension" over 30 years. The young man, like most others, opted for a one-time payout and received almost 264 million dollars after deductions!

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