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Big Lotto win: 400 million dollar jackpot cracked in US Powerball lottery


Bull's eye: A lucky guy from Lexington in the US state of South Carolina has hit the jackpot in the US lottery "Powerball". The tipster, who was successful with the winning combination of 7, 10, 22, 32, 35 and the Powerball number 19, can now look forward to over 400 million dollars (the equivalent of around 296 million euros).
The winner can now choose between two payout variants: Payout in installments or one-time. However, if the lucky winner chooses the one-time payout, he will receive less payout, but can still look forward to a whopping sum of around 134 million dollars after taxes.

It was one of the highest Powerball jackpots this year. At the beginning of August, a jackpot of around 448 million dollars was won in this US lottery. Three players had to share the pot. For the next draw on Saturday, September 21, around 40 million dollars will be in the pot.

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