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After lottery fraud in the USA: janitor receives millions in profit late


In Germany, there are almost regular warnings against lottery fraud. Among other things it concerns telephone calls of enterprises, which recruit for the participation in Lotterien and profit plays or under other pretexts try to come to the bank connection of the called ones.
The attempt of a Lotto rip-off of the special kind there was now in the USA. According to the US portal "Gawker", the sons of the owner of a lottery collection agency wanted to rip off a New York janitor. A few years ago, he had hit the lottery jackpot and won five million dollars.
But the janitor knew nothing about his luck at the time of his lottery win, he is said to have been confused because he was fighting his drug addiction at the time. When he presented his lottery ticket at the lottery office after the draw for the prize check, the sons of the lottery operator were said to have told the caretaker that it was worth it to win 5,000 dollars. The man was satisfied with the lucky news, took the money and disappeared from the lottery office.
Last year, the two sons were exposed when they tried to redeem the lottery ticket at the lottery company and collect the $5 million themselves. One of the brothers has now been sentenced to 25 years imprisonment a few weeks ago.
The whole incident ends happily for the janitor. He can now decide - albeit somewhat belatedly - how his rightful million profit will be paid out to him. Whether annually 250,000 dollar in the next 20 years or as a single payment at a value of 2.1 million dollar after departure of taxes. 

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