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156.2 million dollars from the Powerball jackpot


Milwaukee-based May Xiong is the lucky winner of the $156.2 million prize from the Powerball draw on Wednesday, March 22. The winning ticket was purchased by Pewaukee nook Pump on 1194 West Capitol power in Pewaukee. 

The winning ticket corresponded to all six numbers: 2, 9, 27, 29 and 42 and the Powerball: 9. 

Xiong holds the 16th Powerball Jackpot ticket sold in Wisconsin since the game was launched in April 1992. The last winner of the Powerball Jackpot was Doug Miron of Marinette, who won $31.4 million on October 15, 2009 with a ticket he bought at City Limits on N3900 Great Road 187 in Marinette. 

May Xiong took the $93.1 million greenback cash option. The Pewaukee Corner Pump received $100,000 to sell the winning ticket. Retailers selling winning tickets over $599 will receive 2% of the winning ticket amount. 

This is the second largest prize awarded to a winner from Wisconsin. The highest prize was a $208 million ticket sold in August 2006 to the group of "one hundred" who called themselves "miracle one hundred". This winning ticket was sold at the Ma and Pa grocery store in the Fond du Lac.

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