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Powerball History: Rule changes and milestones of the lottery

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The history of the popular Powerball lottery with its record-breaking jackpots is in the form it is known today, with the 5aus69 game system, the Powerball 1out26 and 10x PowerPlay factor only since 2015. The lottery itself, however, is much older and can be traced back September 16, 1987. On this day, the so-called Multi-State Lottery Association was founded, a lottery company from six states of the USA (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oregon, Rhode Island and West Virginia) and the District of Columbia (Washington DC ). Our Powerball story shows how today's lottery arose from the founding of the lottery company. 

In 1988, the first community lottery called Lotto * America was founded. One reason for the merger was that the individual participating states previously could not compete with the now-common million-dollar jackpot lotteries of other states and they hoped for a joint solution. The former chance at the jackpot was just under 1:18 million, well above the then average in the US. Due to the increasing popularity, meanwhile, 14 states participated, and a no longer up-to-date regulations ended Lotto * America 1992. With a first drawing on 22 April of the same year the Powerball was born. The first jackpot was $ 2 million. 

The first major change to the Powerball rules came in 1997. To allow a $ 10 million jackpot, the gameplay was changed from 5,445 plus a Powerball also 45 numbers to 5,449 plus a Powerball out of 42 options. The new millennium brought not only a new member (Colorado) and new draw machines to the now 20 (+ DC) States Powerball, but also a new record jackpot of a staggering $ 165.8 million, split among four winners , The following years brought a lot of change again, so the gameplay was adjusted two more times, first to 5aus53 and then to 5aus55. At that time, the PowerPlay option was also introduced, which made it possible to multiply non-jackpot winnings by paying an extra dollar.

Today's variant of 5aus69 and a powerball of 26 numbers has only been available since October 7, 2015. This was also the day on which the minimum jackpot jumped from $ 20 to $ 40 million and a 10x PowerPlay multiplier introduced up to a $ 150 million jackpot. The recent history of Powerball brought the loyal players another rapid jump of the record jackpot to unimaginable $ 1.6 billion. The January 2016 jackpot was shared among three lucky winners and is not the biggest single win ever for players, but a sign of the rapid increase in powerball jackpots.