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Powerball Europe – About us

Launched in the spring of 2018, Powerball Europe offers anyone interested in the world-famous US Powerball Lottery all the important information about hunting the Lotto Millions. The idea for Powerball Europe came about after a billion jackpot hit worldwide for the first time in the history of the lottery. The US Powerball, with its record-breaking jackpots, has been thrilling people more than ever - coming from all over the world to the US to buy a lottery ticket in the land of opportunity and once in a lifetime hunting for the millions to take part. 

Our idea is to provide Powerball Europe with an independent source of information for the many Powerball enthusiasts and, above all, to show US citizens ways of participating in Europe and Germany in particular. We succeed in this by not selling lots, but focusing purely on a transparent communication of information with all advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, besides all sorts of up-to-date and historical information about the US Powerball, we also offer a lot of helpful tools such as an online comparison and our independent Powerball number generator

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Have a look at our FAQs! We're pretty good at finding a lot of helpful answers to the most common questions about the US Powerball here. If your question is not there, just contact us.

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